Diabetic Related Eye Disease Treatment

Diabetic Related Eye Disease Treatment

We understand the impact of diabetes on eye health. With approximately 30.4 million Americans living with diabetes, it is crucial to address the eye diseases associated with this condition.

  • Specialized expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetic related eye diseases.
  • Advanced technology to accurately diagnose and monitor the progression of diabetic eye disease.
  • Our doctors, Dr. Appiah and Dr. Young, are skilled in managing all stages of diabetic eye disease, providing personalized treatment plans based on each patient’s unique needs.

Diabetic Retinopathy Treatment

  1. Laser Photocoagulation:Laser to seal leaking blood vessels or shrink abnormal blood vessels, preventing further damage to the retina.
  2.  Intraocular Injections:Medications are injected directly into the eye to control the growth of abnormal blood vessels and reduce swelling.
  3.  Vitrectomy:Recommended to remove blood or scar tissue from the eye in advanced disease.

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